So for those of you who already know what feature points is and want to be a pal.
Here is my referral link:

Code: AQ89HH

For those of you who don’t know, Feature Points is an awesome app that gives you cash for just downloading apps and keeping them open/ playing them for only one minute. Then you can go back and delete the app! you simply follow the instructions that the app gives you.

The app is not on the itunes or android store it is a web page that you download to the home page so just use my link, it’s safe, if you don’t believe me just message me (:

First off I just want to say that this isn’t a scam or spam. This is me Beverly writing this because it probably does sound too good to be. For every app you download you’re rewarded with a certain amount of points, and then you trade them in for prizes.
Things You can get buy with the points you earn on this app:

Instant amazon gift cards

Paypal cash

Apps that cost money in the app store

PlayStation gift cards

Xbox Gift cards

Itunes giftcards

Phones & tablets

If you use my code you get 50 extra points. Just click on my link and it will take you to the site where you download the app, or you can go to featurepoints.com and enter my referral Code when it asks.

My code is: AQ89HH
my link: http://featu.re/AQ89HH

Using my code also helps me out, you gain 100% of your points but I get 50% without taking away from you! So if you sign up and use it let me know so I can personally thank you (: